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Hello! I am a certified executive life coach specializing in supporting you to grow and reach your goals.

I coach people to tap into their own power faster and get results.

  1. Are you ready to reboot your life, business, or career?
  2. Are you ready to move forward and make a change?
  3. Are you not happy, tired, and "stuck" with not gaining the results you desire?

I inspire people just like you to elevate success from within and get the things you really want and deserve and are unsure of how to make it happen.

I understand how to make things clear, understandable, and inspire you to live the life you’ve always dreamed that seemed impossible until now.

You can expect to shift from being stuck to unstuck, gain more confidence and certainty in demonstrating effective decision making skills.

I can help you become more focused, productive, and successful.

If you are ready to take yourself to the most powerful you - ELEVATE WITHIN and invest in you - right now. If you keep waiting - nothing will change.

I invite you to embrace a powerful change to elevate within by scheduling a free consultation with me today by emailing me at [email protected] or by calling me at 216-759-1532  or by clicking the schedule appointment tab below or completing the consultation request tab.

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Dr. Mullins provides leaders and learners the tools to self-discover and increase leadership performance at work and in life through executive coaching principals and personal development strategies. Besides her coaching practice, Dr. Mullins has instructed and evaluated major educational programs and contracts for NASA, colleges, and universities in organizational strategy, program design, delivery and evaluation. 

Elevate Within LLC provides professional executive coaching services to support and guide executives and professionals to yield rewarding, meaningful and impactful experiences in their lives. By building trust, transparency, and accountability, executive and professional clients begin to shift to live an intentional life they love.

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Check out my inspirational messages on IG @drvelevatewithin and under my name @FB. Let's connect as friends.

I offer free coaching consultations and would love to support you in your goals and achieving your dreams. You can do this!

I help people ignite performance within and transform in their careers and relationships and look forward to hearing from you. 

Dr. V


“She is sharp. I lead major contracts and manage lots of people. I found her skills to be very direct, efficient, and effective. Dr. V gave me the push I needed to complete a major deadline. I like her style and you will too.” W. Glenn, Director.

“After a long, hard workday, I found Dr. V easy to talk to and very accessible. She is an excellent listener and knows how to get straight to the point. When I reflect on our conversations, I feel more grounded and able to think through my choices more clearly. I trust Dr. V. She provides me with constructive feedback that I use to make the tough choices. If you want to focus on what really matters, it’s worth your time and money to invest in this opportunity.” D. Mills, Contracts Director.

“I never thought I needed to talk to anyone about my professional and personal issues until after my first encounter with Dr. V. After a coaching experience with her, I realized I needed someone I trusted to talk to that would be honest with me. While in consultation with Dr. V, I shared my place of being in a professional space of resistance. She helped me recognize that space of resistance and encouraged me to create an affirmation to embrace it - that was a fabulous breakthrough for me! Dr. V helped me to see that executive coaching is not for other people, but for people just like me. I now feel more in charge of my LIFE'S decisions. I highly recommend Dr. V’s professional executive coaching services.” Dr. S. Golden, Professor and Director.

Client Driven - Coach Supported.

Elevate Within LLC was recently featured on the International Coaching Federation Cleveland Chapter website at https://icf-cle.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=508298&module_id=398668.

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