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Dr. Vanessa R. Mullins is an Executive Coach, Certified Life Strategies Coach, Published Author, Motivational Speaker, International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member, and Owner of Elevate Within LLC. She has a Doctorate of Education with Honors, specializing in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Her mission is to empower executives and professionals to self-discover effective pathways at work and in life that demonstrate success. Dr. Mullins is a dedicated, results-oriented leader, with nearly 25 years of experience implementing corporate objectives and growth strategies in assessing and evaluating people, structure, processes and developing effective programs. Leader in transforming people and organizations to move forward in gaining authentic experiences in communication, productivity, and continuous generation of business and revenue. Achieved partnership and revenue growth in recruitment, retention, achievement, and sustaining professional development teams.

Dr. Mullins’ passion, success, and energy is infectious, motivating, and encouraging. Dr. Mullins possesses great insight, wisdom, and knowledge, which she is able to convey clearly and with enthusiasm. Dr. Mullins is able to get to the heart of what is going on very quickly and believes all people can learn. She develops specific, measurable tools and strategies that get you thinking about your challenges in an entirely new, productive, and more empowering way. She is committed to high ethical characteristics that build honesty and trust in others with positive expectations and accountability for results.

Every executive coaching session provides new, clear perspectives’ on how to approach the clients work challenges with a clear plan of attack. She empowers executives and professionals in their identity, thoughts, knowledge, and beliefs systems yet challenges them to grow beyond any limitations to accept change. She provides personal, private, one on one support to key talent to identify action plans to produce desired results. Clients feel they can really trust her and that she understands their personal and professional backgrounds and experiences. She is easy to talk with about any problem, concern, or issue. Dr. Mullins is personable, insightful, and effective. If you are ready for a breakthrough, there is power in the journey to invest in gaining new perspectives and passion that support you. Elevate Within with Dr. V!

Dr. Mullins coaches executives and professionals on leadership effectiveness – styles, strategies, techniques, and behaviors, emotional intelligence, 360-degree and stakeholder feedback, succession planning, career and life pathing. She advises executives to set better goals, take more action, make better decisions more fully and use their natural strengths to reach their potential. She applies appreciative inquiry, the intentional change process, and authentic leadership techniques and strategies to her coaching engagements. If you are ready to make the right decision to elevate within and build your personal development skills or organizational goals to outcomes - schedule a free consultation today.

Dr. V is THE Executive Coach You Trust.

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