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Dr. V is THE Executice Coach You Trust.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching services support executives and professionals to yield more rewarding and impactful experiences in their professional and personal lives. Executive coaching services ranges in a one on one individual peak performance engagement (e.g. one Client and one Executive Coach) or custom peak performance engagements (e.g. more than one Client and one Executive Coach) to meet at a mutually agreed upon scheduled time to empower, improve, enhance, or discuss issues or concerns pertaining to professional executive coaching services according to a signed agreement.

Dr. Mullins provides professional executive coaching services to corporate boards, CEOs, senior directors, managers, and professionals. Clients will gain a new awareness, understanding and identity in how to elevate the power from within themselves to achieve effective individual outcomes by accessing helpful tools, tactics, techniques, activities, exercises, and engagements with a professional Executive Coach.

Client Driven - Coach Supported.

Describe Your Executive and Professional Client

  • High-Achievers who are Action-Oriented
  • Highly Effective Executive or Professional Clients
  • Recognize Need for Change
  • Open to New Ideas
  • Ready to Improve Skills, Strategies, & Techniques
  • Accept & Embrace New Ways of Thinking
  • Go-Getters
  • Completers

Competencies Needing Development

  • Self Confidence
  • Achievement
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Influence
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Change Catalyst
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Thought Leader
  • Public Speaking
  • Time-Management
  • Knowledge Validation
  • Collaborative Strength
  • Mindfulness
  • Leadership Skills

Executive Client Questions and Corresponding Competencies

Elevate Within LLC provides professional executive coaching services to support and guide you to elevate within to achieve your BEST outcome. Listed below are executive coaching questions posed to understand the corresponding competence desired by a Client. Whether with an individual or individuals seeking custom peak performance engagements, the Executive Coach engages executive and professional clients in co-creating effective self-discovery steps to lead to effective paths at work and in life.

Question: Do you feel good enough?

Core Competency: Self-Confidence & Energy

Question: Do you feel like you can make more of an impact in driving and sustaining business growth?

Core Competency: Self-Confidence

Question: Are you tired and overwhelmed in meeting essential goals that will grow your business?

Core Competency: Health & Time Management

Question: Is it becoming more difficult to manage work and life priorities?

Core Competency: Work-Life Conflict

Question: Are you frustrated in not maximizing your potential?

Core Competency: Self-Confidence, Health & Energy

Question: Are you feeling stuck in your career?

Core Competency: Self-Confidence

Question: Do you dread going to work?

Core Competency: Energy

Question: Do you engage in more negative than positive interactions with others?

Core Competency: Energy

Question: Can you manage areas others and maximize their strengths?

Core Competency: Energy

Question: Can you benefit from executive coaching services to maximize skills?

Core Competency: Self-Confidence

Elevate Within LLC can help you address these types of questions to maximize your strengths and core compentencies that will elevate you within and forward you to your BEST outcome.

How Does It Work?

Elevate Within LLC offers private one on one services indiviudal peak performance engagement (e.g. one Client and one Executive Coach) or custom peak performance engagements (e.g. more than one Client and one Executive Coach) to meet at a mutually agreed upon scheduled time to empower, improve, enhance, or discuss issues or concerns pertaining to professional executive coaching services according to a signed agreement of services.

Executive and professional clients gain focus, clarity, and positive results to move forward to greater achievements. Together, we review your understanding, assessments, observations, and engagements during the executive coaching session to determine if intended action plan met the intended outcome. Executive and professional clients find success in discussing topics and having time to reflect on executive coach discussions and personal development activities.

Dr. Mullins believes all executive and professional clients gain positive experiences when they elevate within to reignite their internal power and identity forward. Further, Dr. Mullins created the Executive Coaching Empowerment Model SM (ECEM) to empower executives and professionals to maximize their leadership and personal development skills.

Why Choose Elevate Within LLC Executive Coaching Services?

Dr. Mullins is accessible, approachable, and effective in delivering high-quality professional executive coaching services to executive clients, professionals and organizations in transforming key talent to sustaining excellent outcomes. Proven to contribute to the continuous generation of business and revenue while igniting passion, innovation and performance in high-achieving clients. The best athletes train with coaches to improves skills and techniques, why not you? Choose Elevate Within LLC to support and guide you to optimal results.

Dr. V is THE Executive Coach You Trust.

Client Driven - Coach Supported.

Benefits to Executive Coaching

  • Keeps you Alert
  • Keeps you Present
  • Focuses your Purpose and Vision
  • Advances your Subconscious
  • Removes Subconscious Obstacles
  • Inscribes your Thoughts into the Universe
  • Keeps you Positive and Grounded
  • Moves you Forward
  • Regains your Strength
  • Builds your Energy
  • Focuses your Time
  • Remain in Gratitude & Flow
  • Rewarding Feeling
  • Meet your Goal
  • Achieve an Effective Outcome
  • Be Successful
  • Remain Intentional

How Long Does It Take?

The duration of the executive coaching agreement depends on the agreement between Elevate Within LLC and the Client. An executive coaching service scheduled appointment or session is up to 50 - 60 minutes (in-person, telephonically, or video call). The length of contracted services ranges from six consecutive weeks, 3 months, or up to one year of consecutive sessions or more.

What is the Executive Coaching Empowerment Model SM (ECEM)?

The Executive Coaching Empowerment Model SM (ECEM) conceptual framework supports and guides executives and professionals in opening new pathways of awareness, understanding, and inspiration to self-discover effective pathways to excellence. The Executive Coaching Success Map is a visual representation of the co-creating practices between a Client and an Executive Coach to move forward to success at work and in life.

As a gift to you - after your first scheduled peak performance session, you will receive this Executive Coaching Success map as reminder of the eight discliplines of the self-discovery pathways to building a more effective you. Post it at your desk as a way to bring clarity, focus, and success to your daily work and life practices.

Schedule your peak peformance session now while supplies last.

Client Driven - Coach Supported.

How Much Does it Cost?

Elevate Within LLC Executive Coaching Services will provide rates to interested prospective executive clients.

First consultation call is free for prospective clients to review Elevate Within LLC peak performance services offered, respond to any executive coaching service questions and schedule upcoming services. This initial conversation is an opportunity to exchange information about the executive coaching process and expectations. This complimentary consultation helps you to determine whether Elevate Within LLC is the right executive coach fit for you or your organization. Contracts are shared with interested clients AFTER receiving a free consultation.


Select a peak performance package that supports your goals to achieving outcomes. A minimum of six consecutive individual weekly sessions are highly recommended for best results.

Each peak performance package will provide supportive tools, techniques, and tactics for coaching highly effective people to improve in their decision making processes through assessments and continuous improvements that lead to powerful results. Every week builds upon a solid foundation to move Clients forward to stay grounded and centered to meet a goal and achieve an effective outcome.


  • Twenty-minute complimentary one-time consultation;
  • Scheduled consecutive weekly sessions, 50-60 minutes; and,
  • E-mail, text, and short telephone or video call support in-between sessions (up to 15 minutes).


  • Twenty-minute complimentary one-time consultation;
  • Scheduled group, trainings, workshop(s), speaker, facilitator or special event; and,
  • Correspondence, assessments, reports, and site visits, as requested.



Individual Weekly Sessions


6 Individual Weekly Sessions


12 Individual Weekly Sessions


25 Individual Weekly Sessions


Individuals, Group, Special Events, etc.

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